Garden Services

Whether you want a lot of help or just a little assistance with your garden, then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Lawn Care

We offer the perfect Lawn care including weed killing, scarifying, lawn feed, fertilizer

Jet washing and resealing

A professionally jet washed driveway can completely transform the front of your home.

Our Garden Services in Thornton-Cleveleys

Check out our garden services in Thornton-Cleveleys. Our garden services in Thornton-Cleveleys include regular garden jobs people need along with providing services for those bigger jobs like laying down decking or paving stones and even small landscaping. We really feel that gardening is an art and we are determined that with any of our garden services in Thornton-Cleveleys they are carried out with this always in mind.

Garden maintenance in Thornton-Cleveleys

It is said that the true Englishman loves his garden. The English also have four beautiful seasons but with that comes a lot of work which has to be carried out in our gardens all year round. We offer our garden maintenance in Thornton-Cleveleys to help with those jobs you don’t want or cannot do. We find more and more people are looking for garden maintenance in Thornton-Cleveleys as they no longer have the time they really want to devote to their gardens. That’s where we come in. We can keep things ticking over in your garden, keeping on top of all the key jobs that need doing on a regular basis to maintain the appearance of your garden so that when you come to have time in the garden you can truly enjoy it.

Effective Lawn Treatments in Thornton-Cleveleys

Have you seen a beautifully rolled out, freshly cut, bright green lawn and wished you had the same back home? Did you realise with the lawn treatments in Thornton-Cleveleys that we offer we can help you also be the owner of a beautiful lawn that the neighbours will be jealous of. The lawn treatments in Thornton-Cleveleys that we carry out consist of making sure we clear any weeds that may be present giving the lawn the real nourishment it needs to be healthy and scarifying it. When these processes are combined together and done regularly the lawn will really start to flourish and look healthy.

Decking, Flagging and Patio Paving to Transform the Garden

Looking to change the feel of your garden? It is amazing how a little decking, flagging or patio paving can create a new space in your garden. Looking for less maintenance or a place to park the car? We provide decking, flagging and patio paving that will fit your requirements. All decking, flagging and patio paving needs its own maintenance plan but often this is at less cost and time than a flower bed or lawn, so it really depends on how you want your garden to look and feel.

Jet Washing Driveways with Tlctotallawncare

As with this modern age, many trends and methods to making life more convenient are in high demand! That is why we offer jet washing driveways in amongst our services. We are finding many people are opting for modern driveways and are eager to maintain them accordingly with professional help. Jet washing driveways is the best way to get rid of the grime that builds up on them and has great results.