Garden Services

Whether you want a lot of help or just a little assistance with your garden, then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Lawn Care

We offer the perfect Lawn care including weed killing, scarifying, lawn feed, fertilizer

Jet washing and resealing

A professionally jet washed driveway can completely transform the front of your home.

The Best of Lawn Treatments in Blackpool

Don’t neglect your garden lawn! The lawn really is the focal point of a garden and you aren’t going to hide the dull, weedy mess by putting a sundial or bird table on top of it…yes it will still look lifeless! The lawn treatments in Blackpool we offer can easily bring your lawn back to life and have your garden looking great again. You might be thinking, are lawn treatments in Blackpool and elsewhere really necessary? Well as with any living organism, lawns need to be cared and fed to be healthy. After lawn treatments in Blackpool have been carried out, many are astonished with how great the whole of their garden looks and feels.

Great Garden Services in Blackpool

We are a small family business with high standards when it comes to our gardening services. This is what we feel makes us stand out from other garden services in Blackpool. We are dedicated to giving an excellent service to our customers and making sure we deliver our promises. Our garden services in Blackpool include anything from lawn care, getting the hedges under control to completely re-vamping a garden.

Professional Garden Maintenance in Blackpool

Yes, we pride ourselves with delivering professional garden maintenance in Blackpool. We feel sure that with any of our garden maintenance in Blackpool you will feel you paid a reasonable and competitive price and most of all are happy that the work was carried out as agreed and successfully. Our garden maintenance in Blackpool is made available to all as we offer our services to both residential and commercial clients.

Decking, Flagging and Patio Paving Properly Laid

With any decking, flagging and patio paving, money can be lost when they are not laid properly. This can be very disappointing as time has no doubt been spent by householders choosing the right decking, flagging and patio paving desired in their garden. We make sure we work with all these materials in a safe, clean and accurate manner so that your new driveway or BBQ area is laid properly and will endure as it should. As with all decking, flagging and patio paving these will need occasional but regular maintenance to keep them safe and preserve them to the full.

Jet Washing Driveways

Our services also provide jet washing driveways. People don’t always think of the benefits of jet washing driveways at their home but it is really something that deserves serious consideration. Jet washing driveways can be a relatively cheap way of giving your home and property a real facelift. We have professional equipment for jet washing driveways efficiently and safely with impressive results.